KEHO’s strengths

  • Children, youth, families
  • Sports, exercise, coaching on all levels
  • Functioning ability and care of the aging people
  • ICT to support social and health services
  • Nature as a resource for wellbeing
  • Platform development for interdisciplinary r&d and practice



Projects & Innovations

Casa Salutis – a house of wellbeing

The health & wellbeing services need interdisciplinary development of multi-faceted operational models, as well as research and training of multidisciplinary, interoperable working practices for a wide range of professional groups.

  • Clinical assessment and treatment, education, research and development form an integral, synergic entity in the Casa Salutis operating model.
  • With interdisciplinary collaboration, we can enhance policies and practises of treatment, thereby reducing the total cost of care throughout the service network, including self-care and support for loved ones.
  • Enhancing educational cooperation across fields and educational levels will improve the attractiveness of the care professions, as well as the adequacy and competence of professionals and their collaboration in the field.
  • We will build synergy within three focus areas in which the knowhow in the university, applied university and vocational educational consortium is specifically strong: (1) sports-based interventions and rehabilitation, (2) wellbeing of children, youth and families, (3) wellbeing of the elderly



European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH)

KEHO’s preparation for the health, wellbeing and physical activity EDIH is in the process.

During the preparation, roles will be gone through with the network of service providers. The main purpose is to create the optimal role for the core actors. Additionally, our aim is to create a strong national position with selected partner regions.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment coordinates the EDIH application in Finland. At the beginning of August, we responded to a survey, which was about to review the priorities, topics and the field of action of the EDIH preparations. The actual national application will take place at the end of the year. EDIH is scheduled to be launched in 2021.