The Central Finland Wellbeing Act video series creates a view to what citizens of Central Finland see important for their everyday wellbeing, and how it can be enhanced. In newly published five videos, Central Finns share their thoughts on wellbeing from the perspectives of work, leisure, learning, exercise and accessibility.

The video series interviews a variety of citizens about their life situations, professions and interests. Interviews emphasize holistic approach: wellbeing of body and mind are strongly linked, and enhanced by everyday wellbeing acts, done for themselves and others. Nature is a vital part of the lives of Central Finns, and the values ​​of nature are strongly emphasized in experiencing wellbeing.

In Central Finland, wellbeing is an important part of the provincial strategy, and approached from multiple perspectives. The video series is produced jointly by Central Finland Health & Wellbeing Ecosystem KEHO, and the Regional Council of Central Finland.


Watch these moving videos on KEHO’s YouTube-channel.