Central Finland Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem – KEHO, has published a video series about Central Finland Wellbeing Expertise. In six videos, the voice of wellbeing experts has been raised out loud.

A video series about wellbeing expertise in Central Finland has been published in KEHO’s channels. Central Finland Wellbeing Expertise introduces the perspectives of wellbeing in six thematic videos, where experts not only talk about current events but also the wellbeing phenomena related to their work or research. Each episode of the video series is based on the identified strengths of Central Finland wellbeing expertise.

The video series interviewed wellbeing experts; whose work is connected to KEHO’s activities. Through the interviews, the wellbeing expertise, diversity, and strengths in Central Finland are revealed. The videos particularly consider e.g., the wellbeing of educational institutions, the family center perspective, the wellbeing impact of nature, research and projects in supporting the elderly wellbeing, the role of physical activity in disease prevention, and multidisciplinary collaboration, digital services, and organizations in wellbeing promotion.

Central Finland Wellbeing Expertise videos are published on KEHO’s website and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

The video series can be watched either at the beginning or bottom of this article!


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The wellbeing of young, children and families

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation and sports medicine

Digital services and networks

The wellbeing of nature

The wellbeing of the elderly