Ruusupuisto Lunch Seminar (Sports-Hospital-NSC-IT)

Friday 17th May, at 12–13
Ruusupuisto entrance hall


  • Maija Vihinen-Ranta (NSC): From pathogen to medicine: Using viruses to treat serious diseases(20 min)
  • Pirjo Mustonen (KSSHP) Terveyden, hyvinvoinnin ja informaatioteknologian hybriditutkimuksesta Jyväskylässä” (20 min)

Ruusupuisto-seminars are collaboratively organized by Nanoscience Center  (NSC), Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences (LT), Faculty of Information Technology (IT) and Central Finland Health Care District (KSSHP), looking the future possibilities. Presentation slides will be in English, talk in Finnish or in English, depending on listeners. Lunch tickets available for attendants coming 11:30–12:00.