We aim to promote the wellbeing of children, young people, and families through a set of concrete actions toward everyday life’s environment. We especially focus on strengthening the community between children, youth, and families, and supporting children’s opportunities for pursuing hobbies, and increasing their participation in daily activities. We try out and develop new operating models in an attempt to holistically improve the living environment of children, youth, and families.


The wellbeing of children, youth, and families in Central Finland

The wellbeing of Children, youth, and families in learning in Central Finland

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Haukkala Foundation supports children’s wellbeing

Services for children, youth, and families at Jyväskylä City

Services for Children, youth, families at The Centre of Excellence on Social Welfare in Central Finland, KOSKE

Child and Family Research at JYU

Niilo Mäki Institute, a centre for research and assessment of learning disabilities

Families 24/7 research

SOSUS Profiling Area – Social Sustainability for Children and Families


Nuorten Suomi ry – Youth Finland Association (in Finnish)

Mother and Child Homes Association in Central Finland (in Finnish)

Children, Youth and Families Competence and Support Center – OT project (in Finnish)

Fillariakatemia – Activities for the juniors, children and families (in Finnish)

Baby and Family work (in Finnish)

Oma polku supports young immigrants who are alone in Finland without family (in Finnish)