At KEHO, we focus on three main development platforms for interdisciplinary R&D and practice in the social and health sector, which are hospital Nova and Kukkula area, HIPPOS, and Kangas area. Nova is the hospital of the future in an innovative and cybersecure environment and also the home of Finland’s first wellbeing house, Casa Salutis. Hospital Nova is surrounded by the Kukkula area, which is a network of business, research, and production facilities. Kangas – a Smart City district offers an ecological and creative smart-city area with a strong sense of community, and HIPPOS will be the number one centre for exercise, sports, and wellbeing in the Nordic countries. With the existence of these development platforms together with advanced technology, research centers, and various ongoing wellbeing-related projects in the region, we strive to construct a formula for health and wellbeing ecosystem in not only Central Finland but also across Finland.


Casa Salutis – a house of wellbeing

Hippos2020 Sports and Wellbeing ecosystem in Central Finland

A Cyber Security Strategy as part of the Smart City District – Kangas, Jyväskylä


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Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at Jyväskylä University

LIKES Research Centre for Physical Activity and Health

KIHU Research Institute for Olympic Sports


Progressing preparations for the European Digital Innovation Hub in Central Finland (in Finnish)