KEHO was established to create a platform for co-operation, sharing information and strengthening the bond between different operators.

KEHO Central Finland Health and Wellbeing Ecosystem brings together operators and experts on social welfare, healthcare and physical activity. With the help of interdisciplinary co-operation, we aim to improve and promote health and wellbeing.

The sources of wellbeing are diverse and vary across individuals and during the course of life. We improve wellbeing through evidence-based health promotion, social welfare, sports, physical and cultural activity, rehabilitation, health-related business and research.

KEHO offers a social platform for promoting innovations, developing new ideas, coordinating co-operation and providing systematic information.

In collaboration with our members, wellbeing professionals and networks, we want to find new cross-disciplinary ways to improve wellbeing. Collaboration, network meetings, research, health-related businesses and innovations are the core functions of KEHO. Our wellbeing strength areas are:


  • Children, youth, families
  • Sports, exercise, coaching on all levels
  • Functioning ability and care of the aging people
  • ICT to support social and health services
  • Nature as a resource for wellbeing
  • Platform development for interdisciplinary r&d and practice