KEHO regularly organises network days where members participate to discuss different topics. On the last KEHO Network Day, the theme was Corporate Cooperation.

Friday 13th September KEHO Network Day was organized with the theme Business Cooperation. The Network Day will pave the way for KEHO’s corporate partnership, which is set to launch this fall, to attract companies to do well. The Network Day sought ideas on how KEHO’s wellbeing activities could be concretized and expanded from the perspective of business cooperation and co-development.

The network day was held in Priimus and it was organized in cooperation with Business Jyväskylä. The event was attended by representatives of KEHO organizations, stakeholders of the Optimal Human Performance ecosystem, entrepreneurs interested in KEHO collaboration, and Andy Bleaden from the international ECHAlliance . All in all, there were about 80 participants, and the event was fully booked in advance.


Concrete cooperation with companies

The morning event started with the KEHO theme groups presenting their agenda and activities. The theme groups were Children, Adolescents and Families, Working Age – Nature Theme , Exercise and Rehabilitation , Elderly Welfare , Development Environments and Meijän Path.

During the day, participants were divided to discuss themes with which they would be interested in pursuing wellness activities. The aim was to seek ideas for concrete well-being actions, collaborative patterns, and what kind of goals and wishes the thematic groups have. The group discussions utilized the Howspace platform, which had workspaces for all thematic groups.

Eventually, representatives of the theme groups presented the results of the group discussions to others. Discussions highlighted the interest in working together with entrepreneurs on well-being. It was also hoped that business challenges, business opportunities, community culture and internationalization would be strengthened.


The KEHO ecosystem is of international interest

Andy Bleaden from The European Connected Health Alliance , ECHAlliance, introduced the ECHAlliance’s activities and discussed the KEHO ecosystem from an international perspective. ECHAlliance is the European Welfare Alliance that brings together ecosystems globally.

– KEHO is a unique ecosystem from an international perspective, as it broadly takes into account different aspects of wellbeing. There is no equivalent holistic view of well-being anywhere else, Bleaden said.

KEHO would therefore have the opportunity to join ECHAlliance, but the modalities for participation are still under discussion. Consideration is being given to establishing a Nordic group in ECHAlliance, which could enable joint events in the Nordic countries. International interest and global connections aroused interest among the participants of the Network Day.

– Well-being is a global phenomenon and the international dimension is important. It’s great to be able to open global connections, comments Nina Rautiainen from Hippos and Business Jyväskylä.